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Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box | An Extra Premium Geometry Set

Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box is a high-quality geometry box containing mathematical Drawing Instruments. 
Contents: 1 Compass, 1 Divider Arm, 1 Set Square 45degree, 1 Pencil, 1 Set Square 60degree, 1 Foldable Scale (30cm), 1 Eraser, 1 Sharpener, 1 (0.5) Mechanical Pencil, 1 Protractor 180degree, 1 Lead Box.

Elevate Your Mathematical Exploration with the Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box

Experience the pinnacle of precision and creativity with the Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box. Crafted to perfection, this high-quality geometry box is a gateway to mathematical wonders, offering a comprehensive set of instruments that redefine your geometric journey.

Key Features:

Die-Casted Compass: Unveil the art of perfect circles with the die-casted compass featuring a unique arm-lock mechanism. Achieve flawless arcs and curves that inspire your imagination.

Self-Centering Compass Cum Divider: Navigate effortlessly between compass and divider functions with the switchable arm mechanism. Capture accurate measurements and intricate designs with ease.

Mechanical Pencil & Lead Box: Elevate your sketches and drawings with the (0.5) mechanical pencil, offering precision and convenience. The included lead box ensures a steady supply of creativity.

Foldable 30cm Scale: Unfold precision and reliability with the foldable 30cm scale. Embrace accurate measurements and enjoy the flexibility of a compact design.


1. Compass: Craft circles and arcs of perfection, bringing your geometric creations to life.

2. Divider Arm: Experience precision beyond measure with the versatile divider arm, a true ally in intricate designs.

3. Set Square 45°: Achieve angles of distinction with the 45-degree set square, unlocking geometric precision.

4. Pencil: Lay the foundation of your sketches with the included pencil, an essential tool for every geometric explorer.

5. Set Square 60°: Create a symphony of angles with the 60-degree set square, adding versatility to your geometric vocabulary.

6. Foldable Scale (30cm): Unfold a world of measurement accuracy with the foldable 30cm scale, your trusty companion in every project.

7. Eraser: Rectify with finesse using the eraser, ensuring your geometric journey remains spotless.

8. Sharpener: Keep your tools in prime condition with the sharpener, a guardian of precision.

9. (0.5) Mechanical Pencil: Embark on intricate explorations with the (0.5) mechanical pencil, a testament to accuracy.

10. Protractor 180°: Measure angles with confidence using the 180-degree protractor, a cornerstone of precision.

11. Lead Box: Ensure a steady supply of creativity with the lead box, accompanying your every artistic endeavor.

Embark on a Geometric OdysseyUnleash your mathematical prowess and artistic ingenuity with the Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box. Whether you're a student, an artist, or a curious mind, this set empowers you to create, measure, and discover with unparalleled accuracy. Order now and open the door to a world of geometric excellence.

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Classmate - Because You Are One of a Kind, by ITC, was launched in 2003 as a complementary notebook brand to Expressions Greeting Cards. By 2007, it grew into INDIA'S NO.1 NOTEBOOK BRAND. It has since been committed to providing high quality stationery products that are a result of a deep understanding of our consumers, thoughtful ideation, innovative designs and superior craftsmanship! The Classmate range of products includes NOTEBOOKS, PENS (ball, gel, roller and fountain), PENCILS (mechanical and wood-cased), MATHEMATICAL DRAWING INSTRUMENTS, ERASERS, SHARPENERS and ART STATIONERY (wax crayons, colour pencils, sketch pens and oil pastels).




  1. Die-casted compass with a unique arm-lock mechanism.
  2. Self centering compass cum divider with switchable arm mechanism.
  3. Mechanical pencil & lead box.
  4. Foldable 30cm scale.

Video English Transcription:

Hello friends, Welcome back. In this video we are presenting, CLASSMATE Asteroid Premium Geometry Box. This is a premium quality geometry box whose innovative product design is excellent for precision geometrical drawings. So let's check the quality of its accessories.

It contains an instruction manual with some formulas and the metric system.

Classmate Compass - This is a die-casted, self-centering compass comes with a unique arm-lock mechanism. It has a detachable arm where we can attach Divider Arm. That means, it is a combo tool.

CLASSMATE 0.5 Mechanical Pencil and 0.5 Lead pack


CLASSMATE Dust Free Eraser

CLASSMATE Foldable 30cm Scale

CLASSMATE 60 degree Set Square

CLASSMATE 45 degree Set Square

CLASSMATE 180° Protractor

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Application Mathematical Drawings
Additional Features

Die casted compass with a unique armlock mechanism.

Self centering compass cum divider with switchable arm mechanism

Mechanical pencil & lead box

Foldable 30cm scale

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