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This section is an initiative of for our customers/visitors to get helpful information on the office stationery so that they can make right decision on purchasing and utilizing office stationery. This blog section will be updated regularly whenever we have good information to deliver. Also you can submit comments on the topic to elaborate it.

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How to Refill Desktop Tape Dispenser

This post will advise you how to refill your Desktop Tape Dispenser. These Tape dispensers are very helpful for working efficiently and comes in variety of sizes and designs.
First of all you have to always backup suitable Tape roll to avoid last minute run.Tape Dispenser
Step 1: Remove old tape roll from Tape Dispenser by lifting the spindle through its grooves. And push out the empty tape roll out of the spindle.
Tip: Keep empty Tape roll in recycling bin for recycling.
Step 2: Remove the new tape from wrapper and slide it into the spindle as you removed empty one.
Know: Some spindles are bi-directional and you can slide in the tape from one side only.
Step 3: Put loaded spindle into the dispenser such that tape can be pulled towards tape cutting blade.
Step 4: Pull the tape towards the blade and stick on the blade or cut the piece on it.
Step 5: To use it, just pull the tape from the open end as much size you want and press it on the tape cutting blade so that it cuts the tape and keep the tape for next use.
It’s done. So simple!!!



How to use Lever Arch Box File?

Less or more paper documents are essential part of our day to day work life. Many of the papers come to our desk lies on the table for long time, since we don’t have the idea where to file it (If there is no organized filing system). Many of us easily fall in the situation where we can’t find import...


How to operate hand-held Tape Dispenser

Whether you have a business which has packaging process or you occasionally package some parcel for your home, hand-held Tape Dispenser is a must have accessory for all types of box quick and efficient packaging. Generally we use to seal the boxes manually with the Packing Tape by peeling and pastin...


Types of Paper Staplers

In Office environment it is common to use a paper Stapler to bind loose paper documents. When a series of papers need to be organized and bound, a staple pin is employed to join them together. This is achieved using a stapler. There are different types of staplers available today to make our work li...

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