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This section is an initiative of for our customers/visitors to get helpful information on the office stationery so that they can make right decision on purchasing and utilizing office stationery. This blog section will be updated regularly whenever we have good information to deliver. Also you can submit comments on the topic to elaborate it.

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Types of Calculators

Calculator is a small, portable electronic device used to perform basic and complex operations of arithmetic. The common components of calculators are Key Pad, LCD Display, Battery and/or Solar cell. There are several different types of calculators are available in the Indian market today. 

Major Calculator Brands in India: Casio, Flair, Orpat, Citizen, Deli, Caltrix

Some of the most popular calculator types are listed below.
Basic Calculators
Scientific Calculators
Graphing Calculators
Financial Calculators
Printing Calculators
Basic Calculators: These are the most common and basic calculators for simple arithmetic calculation like adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, percentage calculation. Some of the calculators have memory and check function as advanced feature. There are two types in Basic Calculator 1.Pocket Calculator 2.Desktop Calculator. These calculators most commonly comes in LCD display capacity of 8 digits to 12 digits. Basic Calculator priced from Rs. 100 to Rs. 400 depending on features and brands. Basic calculator generally used in Home and Office.
Scientific Calculators: These calculators can perform higher arithmetic and trigonometric calculations. It is generally used by higher education students and engineers. 240+ functions makes it easy to perform all types of scientific calculations.
Graphing Calculators: This is to perform graphical calculation by plotting a graph and has some functions of the scientific calculator. It has quiet a big display and resolution than the others.
Financial Calculators: A financial calculator is a calculator that performs financial functions commonly needed in business. For many direct financial calculations it has standalone keys that differentiate it from standard calculators. It may allow the user to program functions that the manufacturer has not provided by default.
Printing Calculators: These are similar to basic calculator that makes basic arithmetic calculation but has in-built printer to print the data and results in structured way. It is generally used in businesses where immediate print copy has to be made.
You can find various types of calculators on Shaan Stationery.



Types of Paper Staplers

In Office environment it is common to use a paper Stapler to bind loose paper documents. When a series of papers need to be organized and bound, a staple pin is employed to join them together. This is achieved using a stapler. There are different types of staplers available today to make our work li...


How to Refill Desktop Tape Dispenser

This post will advise you how to refill your Desktop Tape Dispenser. These Tape dispensers are very helpful for working efficiently and comes in variety of sizes and designs.   First of all you have to always backup suitable Tape roll to avoid last minute run.   Ste...


Office Stationery Organization Techniques

Office - As comes to our mind, Office is an organized place where we want to work efficiently. To work efficiently it is necessary to have all day to day utility items available and at right place. Administering the availability of office stationery is a difficult task. Unexpected stationery re...

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