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Office Computer Desk Ergonomics

Safe working is as important as hard working. Combining both of these we call it smart working. To cope with modern day work challenges you are required to take care of your health to maintain your accuracy and consistency. Following are some Office computer desk ergonomics guidelines that will help you maintain your work life as well as personal life healthy.

Maintain good posture: Keep your back straight, no slouching, with your head balanced above your neck, and arms resting at your sides comfortably.
Adjust Seat: Position your hips a bit higher than your knees, with your feet on the floor or footrest and your lower back supported. Back rest should support the natural curve of the lower back.

Monitor Position: Position the monitor directly in front of you – about an arm’s length away. Raise or lower it so you can clearly see the whole screen without tilting your neck up or down.

Keyboard and Mouse Position: Keep them close to each other on the same level, with the home row of keys easy to reach with your elbows positioned at 90° (degree), in other words your elbow height = table height. As you type, your wrists should be straight. Place mouse and other input devices near to and at the same height as your keyboard.

Feet Rest: Feet supported and flat on the floor. If this is not possible, then feet should be fully supported by a foot rest.

Work Area and Lighting: Allow ample clearance to move your knees and legs under the keyboard and desk. Avoid contact stress with the edge of the desk or keyboard. To reduce glare and shadow on your work surface, adjust window shades or decrease overhead lighting, adjust the monitor screen or add an anti-glare filter, Add a task light to properly illuminate paper reference.

Use of Accessories: Get head-set if you regularly talk on the phone for extended periods of time. Use a lowered voice. Place reference materials as close to the computer screen as possible. Use adjustable document holder to hold the reference material. Keep material at the same height and distance as your computer screen. Use your ergonomic accessories to support body posture.

Healthy Computer Habits: Use a softer touch when keying, relax your grip on the mouse. Avoid working too long in one position. Change your body posture frequently. Take frequent breaks, stretch periodically. Give your eyes a visual break. For that concentrate on point 5 to 6 meter away for 30 second or close your eyes for 1 minute.

Rest regularly: Every 20 minutes or so, take short, 15 to 30 second breaks. Take a few longer breaks during the day.

Happy Working!



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