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This section is an initiative of for our customers/visitors to get helpful information on the office stationery so that they can make right decision on purchasing and utilizing office stationery. This blog section will be updated regularly whenever we have good information to deliver. Also you can submit comments on the topic to elaborate it.

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Why Go Green is must for your business?

Go Green, Save Earth! A slogan can be seen on major corporate websites who are committed to save earth implementing some Go Green improvements. Whether you are small business, medium sized business or large corporate, these improvements will not only save our mother earth also makes your business more profitable. As like some developed countries, India too stepping out for the concern.

Shaan Stationery Go Green

Following are some improvement technics that can be implemented in any size of businesses:

Go Paperless

Try to make your office paperless. Means, instead of using paper copies use digital copies. Almost every medium sized or large sized businesses are equipped with scanner. Even small sized business can purchase a scanner as it’s now favourably cheaper than earlier. Scan the documents and archive those files. Encourage your staff to implement this in every aspect of your documentation as much as possible. Don’t print; instead send the files electronically through electronic mail or share on the network. Send soft copies of invoices and statements to clients and ask for the same from vendors.

Buy Eco-friendly Office Products

Buying environment-friendly office stationery is much easier nowadays as it is available at affordable price. Using eco-friendly papers, refillable ink cartridges and non-toxic highlighters are some of the measures you can implement.

Shaan Stationery makes it easier to find Eco-friendly products online.

Recycle Whatever Possible

Walk around in your office and check the dustbins. It contains the paper wastes that can be recycled thrown along with other items like disposable cups and other non-recyclable items. Instruct your staff or coworkers to keep separate paper waste from other items so that you can send it to recycle and earn some money for your office expenses. Also it will help tackle the global issue of deforestation a little bit from your side.

Save Electricity

Design your office to utilize natural light through windows. Expose your office to natural light; do not drop the curtains until it is necessary. Open windows for natural air and avoid Air Conditioner as much as possible.

Create a habit among your staff to immediately switch-off the devices and lights when it is not in use.

Put devices on auto turn-off mode. In this mode the devices can be set to turn-off whenever it becomes idle for set time. This mode is available on all latest devices like computers, printers, projectors, etc.

Encourage staff to use public transport

Travelling through public transport will significantly reduce the carbon foot-print as against riding bike or car separately to office and back. Or at least utilize the cars full seating capacity by sharing with your coworker.

Prefer Re-usable

Prefer to use reusable material/utensils instead of use and through. For example, use reusable cups, mugs, glasses, bottles, plates, etc. and avoid disposable ones.

Create organizational policies

Create organizational policies on above points and distribute to every staff of the organization, again in digital copy and not in the form of paper.



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