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This section is an initiative of for our customers/visitors to get helpful information on the office stationery so that they can make right decision on purchasing and utilizing office stationery. This blog section will be updated regularly whenever we have good information to deliver. Also you can submit comments on the topic to elaborate it.

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Types of Paper Staplers

In Office environment, it is common to use a paper Stapler to bind loose paper documents. When a series of papers need to be organized and bound, a staple pin is employed to join them together. This is achieved using a stapler. There are different types of staplers available today to make our work life easier.

Manual Desktop Stapler

Manual Desktop Staplers are the simple and efficient staplers to bind some quantity of paper documents together. These staplers are most commonly used in offices, school, home, etc. It is made up of stainless steel and some of the designs have plastic grip on it. Staple pins used in this type of staplers are approximately 1/4th inch and made up of metal.

Electric Stapler

Electric Motorized Staplers are similar to Manual Desktop Stapler but the difference is the power source to perform an action is electricity instead of muscle power. Electric staplers are generally used when dealing with large quantities of documents to save time and effort.
These staplers are available in both manual and electric model. Sometimes it is necessary to bind large set of paper documents together which is not possible by standard stapler. Heavy-Duty Stapler can bind less or more 100 sheets together.

Saddle Stapler

Saddle stapler is used for the binding of booklets. After a pile of papers is folded in half, the saddler stapler will secure the papers along the fold point, or spinal column. Some electronic models have foot pedal to activate the action leaving operator free to use both hands to perform task.

Shaan Enterprises has large set of different types of stapler in its inventory to buy from.


Types of Calculators

Calculator is a small, portable electronic device used to perform basic and complex operations of arithmetic. The common components of calculators are Key Pad, LCD Display, Battery and/or Solar cell. There are several different types of calculators are available in the Indian market today....


How to operate hand-held Tape Dispenser

Whether you have a business which has packaging process or you occasionally package some parcel for your home, hand-held Tape Dispenser is a must have accessory for all types of box quick and efficient packaging. Generally we use to seal the boxes manually with the Packing Tape by peeling and pastin...


Post-It Notes – An accidental invention

Post-It Notes – One of the mainstream office stationery - were invented by an accident. Before scanning the history of Post-It notes first we have to know what is Post-It Note. A Post-it note also verbally called as Re-Stick Notes is a small piece of paper with a strip of low-tack adhesive on the ba...

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